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Picture Perfect Homes was created with you in mind.

Having branched from a lawn care and handy man business, we have heard customers concerns of finding quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Over the last 6 years, we have continually expanded our services to become your comprehensive solution to making your home look picture perfect!  All of the photos under each section are projects that we have completed so you can see our work.

We have many references available upon request.

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Carpentry & Repair

It seems like something is always needing fixing around the house. Weather, moisture and wear can quickly deteriorate wood structures. New window sills or installation? A new door perhaps? Let us take a look and see how we can repair it before it gets worse.

Interior Improvements

Ceiling and walls need painting? New cabinets to hang? Have a little water damage from that storm last spring? From drywall repair to ceiling fan installation, call us to help you with your around-the-house checklist of those things you want to see done. We even clean those huge windows you don’t want to deal with!

Exterior Improvements

Looking to dress the place up? How about some stone siding on that ugly concrete foundation? Or putting in that brick retainer wall like you have always wanted? New garden or flower bed? Or maybe a stone patio or walkway. We can help you plan out and create your picture perfect home within your budget.

Property Maint & Mgmt

If your not here all the time, its good to have someone in the area who is! For a very reasonable monthly fee, we will be there any time you need us—even if its just to light a pilot light for your tenants! Through our affiliates we offer full lawn maintenance, snow plowing and landscaping services. We can do everything you need to keep your tenants happy, and your home picture perfect!. JUST ASK!!

Sheds and Garages

We have the expertise and experience to repair or rebuild your exterior structure. Garages, work shops, tool sheds, custom wood fences and more... From roofing to siding or just building a new one, our carpenters have years of experience building these structures to your specs and custom needs.

Drainage & Excavation

The rolling terrain of Western New York offers its unique challenges for drainage. Water can come into your home, ruin foundations and keep your yard unusable. Our excavation experts bring decades of experience. From property line drain ditches, to drain tiles and ponds, our experts can keep water from damaging your home and add beauty and usability to your property.

We don’t spend too much time mulling things over.

We just roll our sleeves up

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